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Information about Ireland isn't hard to find. There's loads of it on the Internet. But much of it isn't particularly useful, entertaining or even up-to-date.

Drombeg Stone Circle, Cork: Ireland's history is liberally sprinkled across the island.

This area of Irish Genealogy Toolkit aims to provide current information about Ireland in a series of articles, factsheets and features that are geared as much to residents of the island as to those who are planning a visit (whether for genealogy research or pure tourism).

You'll find first-hand experience and quality research bringing you essential advice for visitors, snippets of history, ideas for things to do in Ireland, and well-written features (some of which have previously appeared in print publications) to extend your knowledge about this beautiful Ireland.

In short, these pages make up a miscellany of useful, quirky, nostalgic and 'interesting to know' information about Ireland, past and present.

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