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A free printable family tree chart

Record four generations of your family and show-off your Irish heritage with this pretty template

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To download one of these free printable family tree charts, see options below.
A free printable family tree chart for four generations of ancestors.

The free printable family tree chart illustrated right records four generations of direct ancestors, including your parents, in a horizontal family tree format with the relationship of each person recorded.

As you can see, it features shamrocks making it ideal for those who want to prominently display their Irish heritage.

Neatly completed and framed, it looks great hanging on a wall, and is a certain conversational piece.

You have a choice of download, depending partly on what software you have on your computer and partly on how you want to complete the chart. Read on for your options.

If your Irish genealogy research hasn't yet got as far as four generations, choose this free family tree chart for just three generations.

Option 1:

Download the chart to your computer or simply print it off. You can then fill in your ancestors' details by hand.

Option 2:

Download the blank family tree chart to your computer. You can then fill it in on-screen and print when you're ready. Some pdf readers won't be able to do this. Switch to Adobe Reader: you can get the latest free version at

With this option you don't need to be ready to fill in all the names of your ancestors at one sitting. You can save the tree at any stage.

Quite apart from the convenience of this option, it produces a much more attractive finished family tree chart because the names are typed out in an elegant script.

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