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Free family trees to record 3 generations of 'Our' Family

Printable family tree charts to record three generations of two families related by marriage or partnership

3 generations: OUR family

The free family trees illustrated below are designed to join together two families who are related by marriage, civil partnership or other, less formal, arrangements. They record three generations of ancestors of each spouse/partner.

As such, these free family trees are entitled 'Our Family Tree' rather than the more usual 'My Family Tree'.

The upper half is dedicated to three generations of one partner, the lower half to the other. It becomes obvious as you fill in the chart.

It comes in three versions, each centred on a photo of a full-bloom tree.

  • The centrepiece tree is set in the photo's original summer colours
  • With a green tint applied (perhaps for a hint of the Emerald Isle)
  • The tree is washed in sepia, to add a sense of antiquity.

    Software requirements: These free family trees work as intended on Adobe Acrobat Reader, probably the best-known reader. If you don't already have it installed on your computer, and your default reader won't open/allow you to complete the form on-screen, you can download the latest Acrobat Reader version, free, at

    A family tree chart to combine two families related by marriage or partnership.

    Original colours

    Option 1: Print a blank chart and fill in the names by hand..

    Option 2: Download a blank chart to your computer and fill in the names on-screen before printing it. You do not need to fill in all the spaces at one attempt. You can save your work at any time, and print when you're ready.

    Free family trees.

    The Green of Ireland

    Option 1: Print off the tree and fill in the spaces by hand.

    Option 2: Download this chart to your computer, fill in the spaces on-screen, print when finished. You can save the document whenever you like. You don't need to complete the tree at one sitting. Just print it when it's completed.

    A printable family tree chart, in sepia.


    Option 1: Download and print the document, then fill in by hand.

    These free family trees are not currently available in an interactive mode.

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